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Adventures are calling on them, and while their static Taurus nature might keep them away from their true role in the world, the right time will come when they will expand their horizons, travel, and change their perspective to fit into the world filled with hope and positive turns. Love itself is their life philosophy and they will fall in love easily and quickly, usually treasuring emotions for someone from a very young age. They love to love and enjoy the challenge of the game and the reward of physical touch, although they may be quite shy when it comes to first contact with a potential partner.

They are a stable, reliable partner, someone to always look for something good in the bad, and they will unknowingly pull their relationships in a positive direction, even if this means ending them. Their emotional nature holds a strong sense of purpose, and every relationship they build in this lifetime serves as a lesson for their bond with the rest of the world.

They might lack initiative to jump into something new, for they make romantic decisions slowly and when they are absolutely sure about them.

However, there is spontaneity in their approach and a sense of faith in the best possible turnouts that will make their love life something to cherish or admire, even when times get rough. A person born on April 26th mostly excels at relating and might find their purpose in emotional interaction with others. They are wonderful parents filled with compassion, care, and joy, and playmakers that might work in environments where a lot of children depend on their creativity. They are also great at teaching and spreading positive life philosophy, and unless they are stuck in one place for too long, they will be a guiding light to many of those who have lost hope.

Success will come to them through all professions that need an inspiring mind, creativity, and beauty. A fine stone to aid those born on April 26th find their true purpose is cookeite.

5 Questions with April Elliott Kent

It is mostly a stone that helps one stay relaxed and at peace, while this state of body and heart pulls a person right where they are supposed to go without the pressure that pushes them into wandering. It is a stone that resolves problems with sleep and can be used with treatment for allergies.

On the other hand, it influences one's material world and the ability to summon money, and this makes it an excellent stone for salesmen who wish to boost sales and bring more customers in. The perfect birthday gift for a person born on the 26th of April is their birthday cake. They enjoy pleasures of life and don't have trouble giving in to guilty eating, so choose a cake that is layered, different, expensive, or simply something they haven't tried before.

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Once you are in a relationship, on that seesaw, you only have to walk into the room where the other person is and the dynamics of that relationship kick in, whether you want them to or not. If the relationship is not a good one, you feel caught.

Prosperous pigs, broken eggs, and echolocation

But perhaps you would like to get off the seesaw or change the relationship. How do you do it? What is the safe way to get off of a seesaw? You can try to jump, leave the relationship.

Aquarius February 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

But, this is dangerous. The seesaw can come up and hit you on the chin and you could hurt yourself. Or, you can hurt the other by letting him or her down too hard. The safe way to get off a seesaw is to get up and walk to the center. As you do so, the other person is gently let down.

Once you are at the center, the other person can either walk to the center to join or safely leave. It is a choice. The analogy here is that, whether you want to be in a relationship or are already in one, the work is to find your own center, to be as complete a person within yourself as you can. Saturn square Chiron could feel like a bit like hitting a brick wall at high speed: like Venus-Chiron, this one can really hurt.

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  5. No doubt, the new Congress has hit the brakes on his goals. In an indication of devotion Vesta influencing fortune, Stone kept his oath never to testify against Trump. By March 2, the Saturn-Chiron square was out of 2-degree orb. It will be back. More on Juno, which is prominent for Trump this year, below. Home as it relates to profession, as well as how Trump and his achievements are perceived in the world, will likely be emphasized. The square from Saturn to Chiron is then again exact on October 23 and remains under 2 degrees through November Look for what are likely to be highly stressful, frustrating events for him during this time.

    Transiting Vesta, meanwhile, as a result of its own retrograde, will return to his Midheaven on March 3, This is another brick wall, to put it mildly. The opposition becomes exact on February 13, , and—due to another retrograde—will perfect again on July 12, This once-in-a-lifetime aspect remains in orb until February Meanwhile, transiting Pluto will also be hovering near his natal Vertex, at 22 degrees Capricorn, over the coming year or so.

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    Pluto on this important point, however, suggests his luck in relationships could be changing. At the first pass this year, on March 21 , Trump ignited ire even among Republicans for smearing the late John McCain.

    Trump’s transits in 12222

    Pluto exactly conjoined his Vertex for the second time on May The following day, Mueller issued his only public statement to date, making it clear his investigation had not exonerated the president. Calls to impeach have since increased significantly. At each exact Pluto pass here, Trump may see his support further erode. The next visit will be January 14, , when Pluto will also conjoin Saturn and Ceres.

    Other dates for this conjunction in August 23 and November On election day, November 3, interestingly, the transiting Part of Fortune will join Pluto there; by November 12, Jupiter and Pallas will join Pluto in conjoining his Vertex and opposing Saturn. Solar return Chiron also conjoins his natal Eris at 1 degree and is within 10 minutes of an exact opposition to Neptune. Transiting Chiron has been opposing natal Neptune since mid-May and will remain in orb through mid-September this year. He may see his illusions Neptune wounded Chiron , while his ability to fight Eris, Mars is debilitated Chiron, Saturn.

    Chiron will return to oppose Neptune again from mid-March to Mid-April as well as October through January All look to be key times.