Fixed grand square astrology

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Last Name:. We only need the inner eye of perception and then acceptance to embrace its teachings. What greatly saddens me is that here we are in and we are still going to war. Countless billions of OUR money is constantly being squandered on wars. Not just the USA but countries all over the world. Just dare to imagine if we were to channel this money for the good of humanity.

It would ONLY take one commitment to embrace peace universally for us all to live harmoniously and not be divided by politics, religion, nationality, territoriality etc. These negative influences are forced on us by our so called leaders. Is this what constitutes leadership? Leadership is a far more noble quality of character and embraces true humanity with philosophical ideals for the good of us all. I believe no matter what religion or political persuasion we are, we all share similar values with our life needs, our families and loved ones.

It is in all of our hands to create Paradise on earth. With love to you all.

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Thank you MM. This info was very enlightening and exactly what I needed to hear! It explains a lot of things going on around me. It also provides great information on how to navigate through this intense energy and move toward positive transformation. Thanks for redirecting my negative thoughts. What a blessing. Love , Peace and Happiness.

Fixed Grand Cross - Astrologers' Community

Donna says:. Mystic Mamma on the nail. And my own cold, dry Virgo persona not knowing what to do. And within, the dreams and purpose, vision and prayer. Rehabilitation, regeneration, renewal, courage. Thanks MM for the clarity. Marian with the grand fixed square natally died March 17 it was a blessing for her and its me thats sad. Wally died on March 23 and his service was on April I hear his sardonic voice in my ear.

Planetary Aspect: Grand Cross

Marian sent me a miraculous peacefulness -what an experience. The toxicity is leaving.

Pacem in terris. My beloved son Michael passed away unexpectedly on the eve of the blood moon, Passover and the eve of the total lunar eclipse He was 22, my only child and the dearest spirit I have known. Thank you for your interpretations of the energies and guidance as to how to stay balanced. I agree that every loss creates a space for something new. I know it was his time but it hurts like no pain I have ever experienced. Your words will help encourage me to stay on the right track and continue to spread more love in the world.

Any kind advice is welcome.


I am blown away. I KNEW something bigger was at play during a massive crumbling experience of a 10 year journey. I had no idea of these celestial happenings. Now I have the answers. Thank you SO much!!!! Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy.

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  6. Yes this is the time that astrologers have been noting as the most profound time of transformation for We are entering a juncture, a turning point as we individually and collectively come together at a the cross roads of imminent change. Inevitably the unknown can arouse fear and anxiety, and so it is of utmost importance right now that we take the time to ground , to pray, to meditate, to get enough sleep, to eat wholesome nourishing food and to take good care of ourselves so that we can meet the present with an open and courageous heart.

    What we focus our thoughts on right now is of utmost importance. Read this post here for some empowering words on this. We must not dwell on the hurt and the injustice of the past but instead focus on creative solutions. A great way to channel what is arising is to journal and allow those places inside you that are wanting to speak up to have a voice. Write it all out, let it flow. There is a great release that comes from allowing what has been repressed to have a voice.

    This does not have to be shared. In this way, we can release what needs to be expressed. We can come to terms with our own feelings first and then later, if necessary, we can address what is being called for in our relationships. In this way, we are being responsible for our own healing and can then clearly communicate in a lesser charged manner. With an awareness of all the elements at play, we can better navigate these times. What is being called for, is unique to each one of us and we must seek to meet what arises with an open mind and heart.

    It happens when four planets hold the same or close degree in the four cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — each planet making a 90 degree angle from each other. It would be hard to be in that vortex of energy, right? This is big news not only because of the duration approximately six months , but because of the heavyweight players involved — Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto. What does this mean? You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

    You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. For horoscope purposes, there are three basic views of this cross. In my opinion, these are the most relational houses: me-to-me, me-to-you, me-to-my childhood family, me-to-everyone I affect Notice the interplay between opposing houses. What pains me on one side will pain me on the other. In sex, it is our most valued possession that is used: my body versus your body.

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    The more we evolve, the more explicitly we create choose our hopes, fears, and peers. One may see cause and effect here, but there is also a chicken and egg here too. In closing: Keep in mind that you have one cardinality for your sun sign, but might have a different one for your rising sign.

    If you are a Cardinal sign—pay attention to your interpersonal relationships. Notice how you have changed, and how the other has changed. If you can, try and slow down interactions just enough to see the dynamic with a bit more presence. If you are a Mutable sign—pay attention to your environment. Notice how it has changed, and how your feelings toward it have changed.