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Cancer December 12222 Horoscope

Welcome to Sagittarius season, Cancer! This is usually a very busy time of year for you, as the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals; however, thanks to Mercury retrograde, a lot of rescheduling has taken place. December 2 finds you especially energized to get things done and tackle your to-do list as the sun squares off with action planet Mars—just watch out for an argument about the right way to do things.

Confusion in your schedule arrives on December 5, when the sun squares off with Neptune. Mercury retrograde finally ends on December 6, and Mercury reenters Sagittarius on December 12, which will certainly sort things out, especially in your love life, your day job, and around your daily routine! But even as Mercury ends its retrograde, you might still find yourself confused about your direction early this month. On December 7, a new moon in visionary fire sign Sagittarius brings a fresh start to your life, especially concerning your day job, your daily habits, and even your routine around health and wellness.

Though sometimes when things are so new, we can feel ungrounded or unsure. Sagittarius is an optimistic, adventurous, and free-spirited energy—set yourself free, Cancer!

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Now is the time to experiment. If you need to change your schedule at work, this new moon is a fab time to connect with your supervisor and do just that. You might feel like switching things around in your daily schedule without even really having a goal in mind—go for it! You just have to experiment and do what feels right. However, remember that there is ultimately no correct answer here. The topic of important negotiations deserves to be mentioned separately. Be confident and do not rush anything. Also, make sure to be friendly, and try to be sincere during the right moments, too.

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This will be enough to earn your potential partner's trust and make a good deal. If you work for someone else, then try to keep it low at the end of the year. You do not need any additional problems right now, and you will definitely get into them if you take your usual "active civil position". Many situations will be resolved without your participation, and in a much more successful way than if you were actively intruding.

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You can think about anything, but do not forget about the advice the stars give you. It is very important for you to finish this year successfully; you should avoid unnecessary problems and misunderstandings at work. Make sure to follow this advice, or you will find it to be extremely difficult conquering new heights.

From the point of view of personal relationships, Cancers should keep their general life goals in mind.

There's a full moon in your sign this month!

No matter how philosophical the question sounds, the answer to it is shaped by a whole list of very specific tasks. You should choose practice over theory during this period.

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Let your mind ponder things only when you are all by yourself. When with someone else, try to act. It is a good time to demonstrate your winning qualities or express yourself in certain ways. Do not worry about finding yourself in an unpleasant situation. Such situations might take place, but you can count on the help of your old friends.

Consequently, this not-very-positive event can easily become a new twist in the development of your relationship. Be open for contacts, and do not be afraid to be mistaken in something that looks trustworthy to you. If you fail, it will not be your problem. You will definitely see how circumstances will punish the traitor, and you will still be the winner.

This scenario is applicable only to single Cancer representatives. Cancers with families have to dedicate a lot of time to work. As a result, your dearest and nearest ones might feel a little unsatisfied with the lack of attention on your part. Try to explain everything to them; they will understand. The main thing is not to close down while trying to combat difficulties all by yourself. Your character is especially prone to shutting yourself down, but the end of the year should become a period where you can shake it off.

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Open yourself up to someone, but definitely not to the first person you meet. You will be surprised how easy it will be to open up and liberate yourself.

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