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The 22 Paths of the Tree of Life

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Egyptian Astrology and Kabbalah Rituals

After a minute or two my client suddenly said that she hoped we wouldnt be much longer as she had a lot to do. Without warning she had switched to her Aries Sun. The careful Virgo sensor, having done its work and told her that all was well with the proposal, was now able to submit to the Aries Sun which wanted to make swift decisions about the outstanding matters. If she had continued with her Virgo Moon in control we might never have finalised the contract or she would have inevitably found a fault which meant it did not go ahead - apparently in defiance of her Sun sign which wished to implement the plan.

Placing the world of astrology on the Tree we can see the current debates are accurately reflected. On the right-hand pillar we have the innovators who, for example, might be interested in the latest asteroids while on the left hand pillar we have the traditionalists who are more concerned with retaining the knowledge of the past. The different methods of working are also shown by these two columns. To the right pillar belong the action-oriented astrologers - including sun-sign astrologers - while the left pillar describes the more academic approach, whether this relates to traditional or modern astrology.

In Kabbalah, the ideal is to plot ones path along the central column drawing from the functional aspects of the Sefirot on either side as required while gradually raising ones consciousness. It is through this central column that we are each able to draw on the higher worlds and have the capability to imbue our work with the highest quality whether it is a sun-sign column or an essay on the use of the Arabic Parts. Many books on Kabbalah include reference to astrology but the main source on which I have drawn in this article is that of Zev ben Shimon Halevi who numbers among his spiritual ancestors the Spanish Kabbalistic astrologer of the twelfth century, Abraham ibn Ezra, and the Spanish poet of the eleventh century, Solomon ibn Gabirol.

This contains a litany of astrological description just pages before the list of sins for which orthodox Jews ask repentance on the Day of Atonement. Those who oppose astrology on religious grounds are not aware, one imagines, of such a connection. The diagram of the Tree was evolved in medieval Spain and while most modern Kabbalists are in agreement about the correspondences between the planets and the various Sefirot it is Halevis use of the extended Tree, or Jacobs Ladder as it has come to be called, which sets him apart and makes him the principal practitioner of what is now known as the Toledo Tradition named for Toledo, Spain, where Kabbalah flourished in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

In the Jacobs Ladder Figure 2 each of the four worlds Azilut the Divine , Beriah Creation or Spirit , Yetzirah Forms and Assiyah Physical overlap each other and it is upon the second lowest of these worlds, Yetzirah, that the planetary system we know as astrology may be placed. This is also known as the world which corresponds to the psyche of the human being, the understanding of which is frequently the object of astrological study.

Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes

While the Tree of Life diagram was evolved hundreds of years ago we have, of course, subsequently witnessed the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These have provisionally been placed at Hokhmah, Keter and Daat respectively and, as with all developments in Kabbalah, the validity of a proposition is tested by the question does it work?

Sidur Chen Ashkenaz - kabbalistic sidur

Traditionally, the zodiac itself representing the accumulated wisdom of all twelve constellations was placed at Hokhmah and the First Swirlings the beginnings of the universe at Keter. Neptune appears to encapsulate something of the quality of Keter. Pluto, with an orbital inclination of seventeen degrees to the ecliptic, hardly belongs to the solar system, according to Halevi, and therefore corresponds to Daat, which forms an access point to the next highest world.

Before the discovery of these planets Saturn, so slow in motion compared with the other visible planets and bounded by rings, represented the sole point of connection with the higher world and the limits of known existence.

Introduction to Kabbalistic susahaputihe.ml | Kabbalah | Planets

In horary astrology, which is predominantly concerned with the mundane affairs of mankind it would seem inappropriate to include these planets in the judgement. In the grander scale of eclipses and ingresses the transpersonal planets may well have something to say to us. Although the ancients managed perfectly well without them we should note that the scale of time as perceived by humankind has itself changed with the advent of modern methods of travel and communication.

Since the discovery of the modern planets with Uranus, instead of the zodiac being placed at Hokhmah, the signs of the zodiac have been distributed around the various triangles of the Tree of Life - the placings and reasons for these attributions is outside the scope of this article which is only a an introduction to the subject. Although, at first sight, the diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacobs Ladder may appear complex they are of stunning simplicity when compared with much Kabbalistic literature! While articles such as this may serve as an introduction they are only about Kabbalah which is an oral tradition.

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For this writer, astrology provided a the bridge he needed from the sterility he observed in the general practice of his religious tradition and the teaching which, although it had always been available, had remained unknown to him. The spiritual law, as the Bible says Proverbs , is a Tree of Life to those that grasp hold of it. And for those who do Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace. Proverbs Gilman Blvd. Read Free For 30 Days.

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